Technical Translation (English - Chinese)

I started to be a translator since 1993, when I finished the translation of 3 books (more than 400,000 words, related to MS OS/MS Office and computer networking) from English into simplified Chinese in 1993/1994. These 3 books were published by "Publishing House of Electrical Industry" (China) in 1994/1995.

I began to work for a global telecom manufacturer since 1994, and I worked as a marketing professional in this company till 2002. During this period, translation/interpretation was a part of my job. I finished the translation of numerous documents, and did many interpretations for seminars and conferences. Besides, I was in charge of proofreading/editing the technical articles issued to the public since 1997. The topics which I worked on covered:

  • telecommunications: mobile communications (e.g. GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 1xRTT, WCDMA, CDMA2000), trunking systems (e.g. TETRA, TETRAPOL), data communications (e.g. IP, ATM), optical transmission;
  • computing/information technology: hardware, software, mobile computing;
  • business/commerce: marketing materials (advertising, commercials, etc.), sales contracts, e-commerce.

Since 2002, I became a full-time freelance translator. My knowledge and expertise has been extended through the cooperation with my clients and translation agencies. Besides those mentioned above, the topics I'm able to handle with quality include:

  • travel/tourism: general information, promotion materials, website content;
  • electronic appliance: user manuals.

The finished projects include the ones of web site localization and software localization.

Since 2006, I started to help some translation agency to assess the translation quality (from English into simplified Chinese).

Technical Writing

When working as a marketing professional, I composed many technical articles to promote company's solutions (especially in wireless communication area), mainly in Chinese. My works can be found in the industrial magazines and newspapers in China, including China Telecommunication Construction, China Wireless Communications, China Communications, China Mobile Communications, People's Post & Telecom Daily, Computer World, China Network World, etc.


I gained extensive marketing experience through the daily job as a marketing professional for around 8 years. The job functions covered technical support, marketing communications, competitive intelligence, business planning, and marketing strategy in wireless communications area. I have the experience of initializing market evaluation, competitive analysis, and business plans of the new products introduced into the market, in English.

Web Site Design

My first personal homepage was set up in 1997. I used HTML codes to compose all the pages, in both English and Chinese. Till now, I have established several homepages, including one for the department on the Intranet.

If you want to see my full resume, please contact me directly.